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A sahrawi (Sub-Saharan) woman reacts after realising her son has been arrested as an activist by the Moroccan armed forces in El Aioun, Western Sahara.

As other Arab countries, Morocco endures many problems keeping its traditions on its way to modernity. Morocco not only faces this tough balance, but the fact that the country is ruled, in many ways, by a Dictatorship. The king controls the legislative, the executive and the judicatory, is the head of the army and the commander of religion matters.

Morocco struggles with strong inequalities​. In one hand, illiteracy and poverty spread all over the country, a small middle class trying to make a life between modernity and religion. On the other hand, a small group of very rich families who control all the resources of the country and its head, the king, owning more than 1,500 companies trhough the country and ranking six ​on the list of richest kings on the world.