This is a showcase of Bolivia between 2003 and 2008. They show some moments before, during and after Evo Morales was elected as the first indigenous President of the country in 2005.

Before his time the country lived a kind of civil war, with clashes constantly happening and ending with more than 80 casualities. With Evo as President the country found the hope for a change, giving the indigenous more rights, importance in politics and mainly a new voice to be respected.

But Bolivia was and still is the poorest country in South America, and changes take place not so fast as many thought. Lack of education, a very bad health system, corruption and many other social problems conform the reality Evo Morales has to face every day.

The country and its people have always been very isolated. With its natural neighbours, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, Bolivia has almost no economical, cultural or political relationship. In many aspects, Bolivia is a forgotten country.